Dunkest NBA Fantasy basketball offers two game modes: Fantasy (all versus all with non-exclusive rosters) or Draft (private leagues with exclusive rosters defined by an auction).

Here are the main features of the Fantasy Mode:

  1. Up to 3 fantasy teams: 95 Dunkest credits to create each fantasy team with 10 players and 1 head coach.

  2. Non-exclusive rosters: You can choose any player (within the budget) even if already chosen by other users.

  3. Private Leagues: Your teams automatically participate in the General Championship against all users of the game, but you can also create private leagues (with a General ranking mode or Head to Head mode) to challenge your friends.

  4. Scores: Players of your fantasy team get a score based on the real statistics recorded in the NBA championship. The starting five players, the sixth man and the coach get 100% of the points, while the players on the bench get 50%.

  5. Captain and Bench: Select a Captain among the players of the starting five, he will multiply his score x1,5.

  6. Schedule: Each Matchday is divided into Turns, which are equivalent to the block of games played in a single day. Between one Turn and the next you can change the formation, captain and make field-bench substitutions.

  7. Field-Bench Substitutions: During a Matchday you can make field-bench substitution, change formation and Captain.

  8. Trades: At the end of each Matchday you can sell and buy players to improve your fantasy team.

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